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Welcome to Cristalin

Cristalin is an innovative manufacturer of sustainable cleaners. Our strength lies in our practical knowledge, and our ability to listen to users and offer real solutions for cleaning various materials. Not only do we focus on the present, but also on the world in which our children have to live. Indeed, it is possible to clean in a properly clean manner, which is clean for machines, materials and buildings – and clean for the environment.


Boating sector

Interior design/decorating industry


Painting sector

Innovative / ecological customised products

Why Cristalin?

Our products are powerful and sustainable. For example, we are able to distil and regenerate certain cleaners so they can be reused. For the people in your environment and the environment in which you live.
Do your circumstances require a special approach? Cristalin helps you create a customised product.
Do your circumstances require non-standard packaging? Cristalin assists you in creating optimal contents and an optimum dosage.
Reliable and fast delivery guarantees you will have the right product in the right quantity at the right time.
Cristalin’s employees know the situation in practice. We provide you with advice regarding the application and any adjustments of our cleaners, and we bring our expertise to you.


Do you require more information?

Phone us+31(0) 578 843 291 E-mail us info@cristalin.nl