Cristalin supplies sustainable cleaners for various sectors of industry, but also for the automotive industry, the food industry and the boating, interior and painting sector. The cleaners are of a high quality and have been developed based on personal experience and intensive cooperation with users in practice. The regular usage of cleaning products in an organisation may present challenges in the field of transport, storage and stock management. Cristalin can assist here. Together with our clients, we create a usage and stock plan and partly take over their activities. This is how we help to increase productivity and keep the usage costs of cleaners low. Sometimes a cleaner has to do more than just clean. The odour in toilets or meeting rooms has to be recognised as being ‘clean’ by those who enter these rooms. In addition, the colour of various cleaners may be relevant to the user. Cristalin is able to adjust standard products according to the requirements of the customer, contributing to the best possible result this way.



Cristalin brings a range of cleaners to the market for various sectors of industry.

“We noticed that people in various sectors are still working with harmful substances. Think of acetone, paint thinner, MEK and chlorine.”

They are irritants that are absorbed by the skin and are disastrous to health and the environment.

It appears that in the boating sector the polyester of boats and lorries is cleaned with acetone. “This solvent just stains white on your hands”.

Harmful products are still frequently used in the painting profession as well. “Painters use ammonia, for example, to degrease a surface. It does the job just fine, but the agent is very aggressive. “Ammonia causes airway irritation and moreover is harmful to the environment.”

The founders set up the company with the above in mind. They bring sustainable cleaning agents to the market for various sectors. The range mainly consists of waterborne cleaners which are more environmentally friendly.

The owners are working hard to expand Cristalin. They regard it as an exciting challenge.

“What could be greater than developing a sustainable product?”




Cristalin is working on environmentally friendly cleaners through the distilling and regenerating of used substances.

We believe this is how we can create added value in the field of ecological and innovative products in various sectors of industry.